SEA Age Group 2018 Qualifying Times

ASUM is pleased to announce the SEA Age Group 2018 qualifying times as follows:


Selection criteria:
The swimmers will be selected based on the following conditions:
1) The Main Qualifying meet will be MIAG 2018. However results from the ASUM/MILO Sportexcel Swimming Championship 2018 may also be considered.
2) A swimmer must have competed in MIAG 2018, unless granted an exemption by the selection committee, due to illness where evidence will need to be provided
3) Only the top 6 swimmers in each age group will be considered.
4) Selection Priority:
a. Automatic selection: Time set to be at least equal to the silver medal time for the SEA Age Group 2017.
b. Consideration: Time set to be at least equal to the 5th placing for SEA Age Group 2017. Only the fastest 2 swimmers having met the 5th placing will be considered.
c. Development: In the event there are still slots available, the swimmers with the highest FINA pointscore from MIAG 2018 and have been selected into the National Junior Squad, will be considered.
5) The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final.