Quarantine Approach to Overcome CMCO

Sukan+ | PRM mahu atlet kekal kompetitif

Sukan+ : Persekutuan Renang Malaysia (PRM) sudah pun memiliki perancangan rapi dalam memastikan atlet negara kekal berdaya saing, meskipun latihan diadakan secara tertutup dan berasaskan kuarantin. Setiausaha Kehormat PRM, Mae Chen berkata, badan induk itu akur dengan keputusan kerajaan selain sentiasa meletakkan keselamatan atlet sebagai keutamaan.

Posted by Bernama TV on Rabu, 14 Oktober 2020

Podium Programme Enhancement Task Force

Secretary General of Malaysia Swimming; Ms Mae Chen was part of the Task Force entrusted to enhance the Podium Programme.

The task force was led by Datuk Dr Ramlan Abd Aziz (Chairman of the Task Force).

The other members are Datuk Megat Zulkarnain Omardin (Deputy Chairman of the Task Force) , Dato ‘ Mohd Nazifuddin Mohd Najib, Dato ‘ Jasni Shafie, Mr Maninderjit Singh and Mr Nik Razeen Adam Daud.

Malaysia Swimming

We are pleased to inform that Amateur Swimming Union Of Malaysia (ASUM) is now renamed to Persekutuan Renang Malaysia (Malaysia Swimming).

Malaysia Swimming is a member in affiliation to:

  • Federation Internationale De Natation (FINA)
  • Asia Swimming Federation
  • SEA Swimming Federation
  • Olympic Council of Malaysia
  • Paralympic Council of Malaysia
  • National Sports Council of Malaysia (MSNM)
  • National Sports Institute of Malaysia (ISN)

Our new emblem in the national colours of the Jalur Gemilang (national flag) symbolizes the proud representation of the country to the highest level of sports competition and achievement.

The Star : Training stint Down Under helps Welson set new meet record

KUALA LUMPUR: National swimmer Welson Sim’s (pic) four month training stint in Melbourne, Australia, has done him a world of good.

The 22-year-old did not disappoint at home as he splashed to a gold medal in the 400m freestyle with a time of 3:50.32 to set a new meet record at the Malaysian Open swimming championships in Bukit Jalil yesterday.

It was just a second off the national record of 3:49.29 which he set at the Victorian Open in Melbourne last month.

Welson beat India’s S. Prakash who had a time of 3:56.60 for the silver, while A. S. Chahal of Terengganu earned the bronze with a time of 4:01.93.

“I’m always happy to swim at home and to get a gold medal in my first event on the first day is good even though it’s slower than my personal best,” said Welson.

“I’ve been training in Melbourne for the last few months and I have learned a lot of things from the swimmers there inside and outside of the pool.”

“I can see the environment there is very different and all the swimmers are hungry for success and they show it in training everyday.”

“I’ve also learned to be more independent there because all the swimmers there have to prepare their own meals for lunch and dinner but here I am provided for. So it was challenging at first but I got used to it.”

The Sarawakians’ time in Melbourne is not yet over as he is set to return next week for another two more months before the FINA World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea, in July.

It is there that he plans to make the cut for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“I plan to set the Olympic qualifying time there because that is where all the best swimmers in the world will go to compete, so it will be a great chance for me to show what I can do.”

“But I will also be swimming at the Singapore Open first in June which I hope to do well there so that it will prepare me for the world championships.”

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/sport/swimming/2019/04/26/training-stint-down-under-helps-welson-set-new-meet-record/#OGhtyFrh4d4t1Z9T.99